Thursday, June 10, 2010


This morning it was a little cold, a low -4oC

Not bad for here, given that two Winters ago we would get between -4 to - 8oC at least two or three times a week. At -6oC the pipes freeze and no water gets to the house. There is just one spot that seems to continue to elude the insulation piping, and we are almost certain it is inside the house walls - handy ! Either way missing your morning coffee because you can't fill the pot is never a good start, and sense does not prevail enough the night before to fill a jug up with water.

Last Winter it just rained, so the over night temps didn't lower below 0oC and the paddocks just turn to ponds. So we were lulled into a false sense of "Winters aren't that cold here....." How short our memories are :)

The best thing about frost is the amazing ice forms. Our fences were laced in ice crystals, the paddocks white and sparkling. Spiders webs thaw out and are decorated in tiny diamonds of water that glitter in the morning sunshine.

Frosts also means that the daffodils won't be far away, a few chilly nights ensure a good show of flowers. Cheery yellow blooms will herald the first signs of Spring. Already the leaf buds of Jonquils are breaking through the soil, and the apple spurs are fattening on the trees. 

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  1. I was reading this just after seeing that it is currently 27C and the sun isn't even up! I hope you enjoy your ice crystals and the anticipation of beautiful daffodils!