Friday, June 18, 2010

Collective Nouns - thats a bit cerebral !

A smack of jellyfish
A troop of kangaroos
A kindle of kittens
A deceit of lapwings
An ascension of larks
A leap of leopards
A flock of lice
A parliament of owls
A murder of crows

So what, I ask do you call a collective of bandicoots. I only wonder as I think that's what has decided to habitate my vegie patch this Winter.

At first I was blaming the ruddy dog - I mean she is the usual suspect, and more often then not the culprit with a penchant for eating fig tree's off at the base to get even with me. But the more I looked the more I notice the conical nose pokes in the soil, the diggings around the bases of plants and the lack of round raisins that rabbit's would leave. Add to that the holes were getting more refined and less like the dogs trademark wombat holes.

I have booked the Tamar NRM's movement detecting night camera for next week - so we should see just how many little rabbit eared night visitors we are getting. Babble of Bandicoots (thanks "A") has a nice ring to it. But any hints or directives on the collective would be appreciated - just add them to the comments !


  1. I just wanted to pop in and say hi I have come across from Tanya's blog Surburban Jubilee, it's Linda here, I live next door to Lesley and Rod, the goodies in your Etsy shop are gorgeous xx

  2. Hi Linda - it's a very small world - I think that makes it only two degrees of seperation. I only met Tanya on Friday :)what a great lady.
    Thanks for dropping by, glad you like my goodies.