Tuesday, July 20, 2010

spring is coming too soon

Tuesday is my kid free day. I rush about the farm trying to do work that isn't conducive to having the kids trailing behind. Like planting tree's around the dam, rotary hoeing raspberry beds, sterilising pots for propagation and drinking a cup of HOT coffee.

Today I realised that Spring is coming. Jonquils are flowering, some of the perennials from the cutting flower beds are shooting and the plovers have started to guard their territories.

Well I'm just not ready for Spring

I have some where around 1000 more plants to pot or take cuttings of, my fruit trees and roses to prune, veg beds to weed and manure, not to mention the crèche of Christmas Tree's to leader prune.

Spring does however mean that the final trim on this years Chrissie Tree's will happen - one step closer to open day. That the cut flowers that I have been busy propagating so I have enough to sell at market will be ready. And my vege patch will start to be a  bit more productive then rank pak choy and anaemic parsley.

It's not all bad, but gee there is a lot of work ahead !
But isn't that just normal . . . . . 

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  1. I've noticed that too. Yesterday I spotted a couple of blossoms on our almond tree. It does tend to do it's own thing, still seemed a bit odd?

  2. And that's a lovely picture. Have you a new camera? :)

  3. ahh - no unfortunately "stock" photo's - sigh . . . .

  4. All of the diligent tending in your gardens is sure evident with the splash of gorgeous colors in your magnificent flowers!

  5. Ahh yes, there's nothing better than being able to enjoy a HOT cuppa!!