Thursday, October 28, 2010

christmas leaf garland - instructions

now i'm sure that there is no way i invented this, but i was dabbling
and here are the instructions on how to make leaf garlands for your christmas tree

i used an 8ply pure wool with a 5mm hook
a 4mm hook will give you a tighter "weave" for your leaves and vines
my instructions are in standard Australian / UK terminology

leave a 10cm yarn tail 
make a loose hitch and crochet 17 chains

to form a leaf:
turn and *double crochet into the second chain from the end
followed by - htr, tr, tr, htr, dc*
and slip stitch into the next chain

a complete vine section - both sides have leaves
continue to make 17 chains
doubling back to form a leaf* (above) with the last seven chains each time
continue with these clusters on 17 chains until you reach a length of vine you like

(shorthand: *ch 17, turn, dc, htr, tr2, htr,dc,ss into ch*  - repeat *to*)

the end leaf - as you turn to work back along the vine

to turn back and add the other side of leaves:
on your last leaf slip stitch into the main chain

chain 7
form a leaf
slip stitch into leaf base
slip stitch five times along chain

continue return side of vine:
chain 7 and form a leaf as before
slip stitch back into chain at the leaf base
continue up the vine by slip stitching into the next 10 chains
forming a leaf at each tenth slip stitch

does that make sense ?
let me know if i have fluffed the instructions and i can add corrections
your feedback is most welcome and appreciated !


  1. what an absolutely gorgeous idea NO IMPORTS sounds so lovely.....we have a few handmade decorations but if only I could click with crochet!! I will one day I just know it, but it may be in another life. I am in denial about xmas I have been for a few years now but it gets a stronger denial each year, if only the girls agreed with my Pagan ideals!!! not going to happen

  2. I love this Leaf Garland for xmas idea Lee, so nice of you to share it with us fellow crafters, think I'll have to give it a go
    Kate :)

  3. ok is it slip stitch up one side of the leaf and htr-ss on ther other side?

  4. Well.. you might have well have invented this! I was looking for a double-sided leaf chain.. now I've found it.. thanks!!!
    pat in NJ

  5. Another question.. UK or US terminology? thanks.. pat in nj

    1. This is UK/Australian terminology. Easily translated here:

  6. I love the sound of this leaf garland. Sadly I cannot see any pictures...