Monday, October 25, 2010

little bangles

The easiest of bangles to make with a fancy or plain button closure. 

Suitable for the utmost beginner in crochet !

Make up a batch to have on hand for gifts, stocking fillers or just one to match every outfit.
This size will fit a slender wrist, or child over five years. 

I used a pure cotton 8ply with a 4mm hook
The stitch terminology is Australian (English).

Foundation: leave a 15cm tail of yarn, then chain (ch) 25 stitches of yarn,
Row 1:  turn, and double crochet (dc) into second stitch from the end,dc to end (24 stitches), ch 1
Row 2:  turn dc full row, ch 1
Row 3:  turn dc full row, ch 1
Row 4: turn dc full row, ch 5 - slip stitch into first stitch of the foundation chain. 

Cut yarn about 15cm from end and pull thread through the slip stitch to finish the button loop.

Stitch the thread through the crochet work where the loop joins the work body ensuring a firm and secure knot has formed at the loop, weave yarn down into the bangle to finish.
Weave your foundation chain end into work.  
Trim ends.

Cut a piece of yarn and stitch on your desired button. Most medium sized buttons will fit through the loop given the yarn's stretch. But if you use a large button just add a couple of extra chains at the end when finishing.

To make a larger bangle allow an extra 6 stitches (31 stitches). Five to incorporate as a double crochet stitches for extra length, and the single to accommodate a turn in the row.

P.S. if the patterns has an error or doesn't make sense - drop me a line so I can correct it :)


  1. Cute bracelets (love the buttons you used!), will bookmark the pattern for later use! :) x

  2. great little stocking stuffers or 'one more thing' to add to a pressie! Pity I cant crochet lol well I wont say cant , just never tried :)

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