Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Fringed Loosestrife 'Firecracker'

Loosestrife in high Summer

Fringed Loosestrife - Lysimachia ciliata "Firecracker", is a stunning purple leaved perennial. Through Winter the deep purple leaves are mere rosettes before the erupt into tall wands of large wide leaves that remain purple until High Summer when the stronger sun tinges the leaves green, just as the rather insignificant flowers appear.
Six month old Loosestrife in the Drift Garden
A spreading perennial most noticeable due to its deep burgundy purple foliage that grows tall and upright. Topped by oxalis like yellow flowers in late Summer this plant is a hardy addition to the mid to rear of a perennial border.

Dark foliage is a perfect foil for a "hot" colour scheme garden of oranges and reds, but equally provides a lovely backdrop for pinks and peaches. An all rounder.

Tolerates a wide range of soils from wet to mid-dry. But don't let it stress due to lack of water - mulch well !
Plants die down to leafy rosette mound in Winter. Prune leaf/flower stems off in Autumn with other perennial maintenance.

new season potted Loosestrife (November)

Flowers: bright yellow
Foliage: burgundy purple - changing to green purple in late Summer with more intense daylight.

Height: 75 - 100cm
Spread: 75 - 100cm

Growth: fast - quick filler
Light: full sun to light shade

pH: any
Soil: broad tolerance incl. wet but not water logged

Flowering: various times through Summer
Traffic: No - large leaves do not tolerate foot traffic
Windy: doesn't seem to have a problem with gusty weather (at least not at our place)

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