Tuesday, November 2, 2010

guelder roses

guelder roses
i've waited nearly two years for these lovely guelder roses to be big enough to cut
they have grown lovely long wands topped with huge pom poms of blossoms

lime green when they are young, turning to a creamy white at full bloom
we have a whole row of them in the flower paddock
they look just amazing
i have even propagated a bundle in the poly tunnel
they should be big enough to plant out next autumn

it's wonderful to see them in a profusion
they are what i'd call "granny's flowers"
they are so old fashioned
yet so structurally startling

i picked a bunch for the house
placed them in a simple ewer

* * * * * *
GROWING: guelder roses are a deciduous tree/shrub growing to 5m in height and spread.
they become a many branched form, that can be pruned to contain shape.
pom poms of flowers appear in mid spring.
Sterile versions are only sold in Australia, so no berries are set.
grow in full sun or semi shade (woodland).
tolerant a broad range of soil type and pH


  1. They would look stunning on my dining room table. Absolutely gorgeous. Congrats on growing amazing plants.

  2. Beautiful viburnums !! I have a v. plicatum out at the moment and it's stunning, the v. x burkwoodii has not long finished and now has it's leaves and the snowball tree I left behind at my last house is a mass of blooms. Has been a great winter for them I think and it's showing in the quality and size of blooms. :)