Thursday, December 9, 2010

aussie christmas style

just out our front door is a little grove of black swamp gums
they are native to our area
the kids play in them,
but they are not quit big enough for climbing tree's yet
they have started to protect the front of the house from the roaring 40's
but now they have provided a few branches 

this seasons fresh wreath for christmas
very roughly bound to a circlette,
with a couple of my jute decorations
against the corrugated of the house
rustic !
simple !

P.S. it will of course get BAKED against our house - it faces direct west
but then the dried leaves will get that soft silvery grey
and a few fresh leaves are just across the drive !
hmmm maybe a "spool" bird or two for colour?


  1. Pretty wreath! I need to get myself sorted and make my own wreath for the house! :) x

  2. I love your Australian version. I have never heard of those gums - off to see if I can find an image

  3. Its wonderful... I don't have my door wreath up so that would be a good choice from the garden:))

  4. oh yeah that looks great, especially with a few littl ebirdies added!