Wednesday, December 8, 2010

brilliant women and the plagarist

you already know how lucky i am to have a mum who is a nifty patchworker
but check out just how nifty she is !
here is the new banner for my market stall
yup - my mum made it !

After dodging the Evandale Market Mafia with Mum,
 (yes you heard right not all market stall holders are friendly)
we had a good day
met some really, really  nice visitors, 
some equally wonderful local artisans,
talked the talk about our trees, 
and drank way too much coffee

Three great things about this market
1. I had my banner
2. I scrapped the pennies together and bought a marque
3. I flogged Mrs.Smiths idea for my stand (enter the plagarist)

My equally nifty dad was able to rustle up this stand, 
based on a photo
all painted and ready to go
talk about helping hands !

so the brilliant women that abound about the blogosphere continue to
 this time on a practical level,
take mrs.smith she posted the original brilliant stand that Mr Smith made her
it answered my problem about use of vertical space at markets 
thanks mrs. smith !


  1. what a great set up! your mum is amazing, that banner is wonderful!
    hope you had a good day, wish you were closer, would love to visit your stall.

  2. Super mum...:)) and a great stand.. who would think it Evendale has it own little pests .. Hope to see you there before Christmas :))

  3. What a clever family you all are. The stand and banner look brilliant.

  4. Wow! So cute! How lucky you are, your mum is so wonderful! Love the banner too!

  5. Boy, your mum is super talented! That banner is fantastic! And, a handy dad as well! Hope the market went well.

    Linda. xx

  6. Love the banner, what a clever Mum, glad you did well :)

  7. Fantastic banner, it looks very professional, your mum really should go into business with all her fantastic makes! The wooden stand is a great idea too, glad you had such a good day! :) x

  8. A wonderful mix of craftiness and all of it is so practical as well - love that

  9. Thanks for the nod Lee. Mr Smith is well chugged to be plagiarized. It's a lovely compliment! We are in love with our beautiful tree, thank you so much! Will try and take a decent pic and send it to you! Thanks again, you and your tree have made our Christmas Merry already!

  10. So glad you had time to get photos because it looks amazing and I particularly loved the new stand for the decorations. Nice to meet your Mum too. What a trooper