Thursday, January 27, 2011

here be dragons

any county mum will tell you
seeing scaly things in your garden isn't a most desirable thing
but at the moment we have a community of blue tongue lizards
it seems a day hasn't passed when i haven't ushered one away from the dog
or spotted one in the flower beds

yes they do bite - i KNOW !

the tell tale empty snail shells is the first sign
and then the bite marks in your strawberries
and then they like a snack of slaters
so then you'll spot them amoungst the pot plants

an old wives tale says
that if you have blue tongues in your garden
then the snakes won't be

hmmmm - like i said old wives tale given what i found at the back gate a month ago !

evidence - guess who has found my latest camera hiding spot !


  1. We have blue tongued lizards too and they are welcome in my garden. They can scare you when you just see a scaley head poking out from around a pot or under something,lol.

  2. They look amazing, but perhaps I'm glad I'm on the other side of the world and gazing in on their beauty! rather than in my own garden!!! S x

  3. It seems very exotic to find something like that in the back garden.

  4. When they poke just their heads out of the hydrangeas I totally think they are snakes. Gosh he is fat! You must have a LOT of snails!

  5. Wow Lee, what a well fed specimen. The sort of creature only a mother can love...........
    It would give you a fright, appearing suddenly.

    Hmm, looks like you need to find another camera hiding spot, maybe higher up...

    Claire :}

  6. He looks like a lovely lizard, don't think I would want them in my garden though, our lizards are tiny and don't bite! :) x

  7. I much prefered having the blue tongues visit than the snakes