Friday, January 21, 2011


yes that's me

this Christmas past we hosted my hubbies annual Kids Christmas Picnic
out at the farm
apples for cows
chicken chasing
eating EVERY raspberry in my garden
digging up carrots
and a neglected jumping castle

hubbies work pays for catering
just a bbq, nothing fancy
santa claus (aka a chap from the office) arrives with parcels

but this year i said to the organiser - no plastic
no disposable cutlery
plates and cups are to be paper
it was no big deal

we keep a big jar of cutlery for just such an event
we also have a big stash of op-shop plates
and some re-useable heavy plastic cups (i'd prefer tin cups though)
they all get washed at the end of the day
stashed in a box ready for next time

why ?
i paid less
i used less
and i can use it all again
and so could the next generation

remove self from soap box :)


  1. yes yes yes, well said.

    cheers Kate

  2. We do that too and it is not a problem to wash the plates for next time.

  3. Great idea, hopefully it inspired a few others to do the same.

    Claire :)

  4. Stuff the cutlery! I just want to be invited to that party!!!! Sounds like heaps of fun :)

  5. I saw a great sign at a folk festival once.
    " For the privelige of eating off china plates, we ask that you help by washing yours"
    A great idea!!
    Chris artist