Tuesday, January 11, 2011

stylin' it up

On Friday last week I had a most invigorating morning. Stitch of Love and Emma at Play both nominated me for a Stylish Blogger Award.

What a lovely surprise to be thought of so kindly. Especially after a stylish post that had my scruffy mountain bike shoes as the key photo.

It came on a good day, with T.O.H. down with a cold, two kids with almost colds and a market stall to prepare for. The Award was like having a very stiff espresso -  a great shake up from the drudger of the day.

So in keeping with the tradition of the Award I have to tell you seven things about myself.
Well, lets say I am a woman of elusive and discerning qualities . . . . . 

  1. I find sleep elusive
  2. I find a tidy home elusive as i am not a discerning housewife
  3. A finished project is elusive in my neck of the woods
  4. A discernible garden is elusive in my back yard
  5. Parental Control over my progeny is elusive
  6. Weight lose and fitness seem elusive priorities in my life (or maybe I am not discerning enough of my time ?)
  7. A good hairdresser seems elusive to my discernment of a stylish haircut (being categorised as a middle aged frump certainly doesn't make for a good haircut by a pre-pubescent hairdresser)
And I am passing on the Award to a few bloggers that have inspired me over recent weeks. Both for Style and Content of their blogs. So here goes:

  1. Elderberry Street  with Karen 
  2.  from Beyond my Kitchen Window
  3.  Wunderkrammer with Jessica
  4.  Marley and Lockyer with Ness
  5.  Suburban Jubilee with Tanya
  6.  Nest with Natalie
  7.  SIBOL with Sue
  8.  Sew Ritzy with Dawn 
  9.  Karin aan de haak with Karin
  10.  erika.tricroche with Erika
  11.  waste not want not with cherie
  12. icrochet with sarah 
  13. lalalizzie with lizzie
  14. heldasland with helda
  15. la belle helene with helene 
  To accept the award, you have 4 duties: 
  • link back to the person who nominated you (happy if you do/don't); 
  • tell 7 things about yourself (eek); 
  • pass it to the 15 recently discovered bloggers; 
  • contact them to let them know about the award. 


    1. you definitely are a stylish one!
      loving your elusive & discerning list ♥
      tidy homes are so overrated

    2. Congrats dear Lee and well deserved.. I'm always entertained over this way..
      I love your quest to conquer the elusive... many on my list too...

      Have a great week and congrats again.. xxx Julie

    3. Congratulations! Love your elusive and discerning list, it made me laugh! :) x

    4. Loved the hairdresser comment :-)

    5. Hey Lee, congrats on your award.
      Interesting to find out another 7 things about you.
      Not sure about #6, considering previous posts about the bike riding....
      Hope the back, funder cwowds, haven't drenched you, tis a little damp here at the moment,which might put the Bright market in jeopardy, oh well......