Friday, February 11, 2011

Dwarf Michalemas Daisy

asters are such an old fashioned flower
they once heralded the arrival of michaelmas or easter
that of course is the northern hemisphere

here it tides the beginning of autumn weather
of nights getting a little cooler
but still hot and muggy days

this little fellow is a dwarf michaelmas daisy
presumably after the chap that bred it

normally easter daisies are back of the border due to their height
but these Kippenbergs are more front to middle of the garden
as they really only get to about 50cm in height
the spread, as with any of these busy herbacious perennials
they can range up to a metre depending on how good your soil is

mixed with "evangeline" roses, sedum, native rosemary and fennel for Exeter Show

best in full sun or only morning shade
tough, dry hardy once established
a lovely cut flower
a delicate background bloom for your heavier blossoms

spring tube stock

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