Friday, February 18, 2011

the good life: edible landscape

nothing wrong with these apples !
out and about the countryside at the moment it is a veritable feast
if you haven't quite spotted the lush blackberries
plump from a good season of rain
you will probably be spotting over burdened wild apple trees
and the odd plum that the rosellas haven't ransacked

wild apple and blackberry stewed fruit

you don't have to done khaki pants and a moth eaten jumper to forage in the hedgerows
nor have in-depth botanical skills to pick wild food
if you only stick with food you know
and that's very easy in Tasmania where we have a lot of European escapees
of course it's a bit more difficult with wild herbs, bush tucker and mushrooms
those things that we are not familiar with on a daily basis

blackberries are certainly unmistakable
as are apples, plums and sloughs
always look for general plant health as an indicator of good food
if the berry bush is looking yellowish or dying in places - don't pick fruit from there
NOTE: blackberries this year are plagued with rust - a natural bio-control agent
you can see it on the leaves below - like mini burn marks
fruit from these bushes will be okay to eat

plump fresh blackberries - no global miles here !
  look around where the apple tree is growing
if there are no signs of someone dumping rubbish or changing their motor oil
or recent roadworks (leaching from fresh bitumen's is not really a desirable fertiliser)
then apples and plums should be good to go
be sensible when picking on roadsides - traffic is a life threatening hazard
as is your car to other drivers if it is not adequately parked off the carriage ways

fennel seeds forming
odd seeds from herbs like fennel seed for Indian cooking and pickling
should be harvested with care
fennel can be mistaken for a number of nasties including hemlock which is very poisonous
so only pick wild herbs when you are 100% in the know about your plants


  1. I see so much fruit going to waste on my travels. I wonder if a register could be organized to pick fruit trees, rather than see the fruit rot on the ground.
    I always ask if I can raid trees! But must admit I'm scared of blackberry bushes as I once saw a snake whilst picking.

  2. I'm picking you as for foraging buddy.
    Mr B's rain predictions were spot on. Can't beat an old farmer.

  3. That apple and berry combination looks divine! Sorry to hear you are closing your made it is a competitive market selling handmades now, as so many people are doing it. You nesting baskets look great.

  4. Great Blog Lee, I have noticed walnuts are around also.. Apple and blackberry pie is heaven especially when it is free :)
    Thanks for the tips..

  5. i'd love to come fruit foraging with you! that stewed fruit looks great.

    sorry to read you had to close your made it store. why don't you just do a blog sale with your excess creations.

    hope you have a wonderful week Lee ♥

  6. That ALL looks so luscious and tempting, nothing beats FRESH.