Thursday, March 10, 2011

the good life: fruit jellys

first on my hit list is jelly
when No.1 child started eating solids
i thought jelly
and then discovered bought jelly is really mostly sugar
so i decide to make my own no added sugar variation

frozen blackberries
to 150mL of boiling water
add 1 1/2 to 2 teaspoons of gelatin (or vegatarian substitute)
(the more gelatin the firmer the jelly)
stir until dissolved
add pure fruit juice to make 500mL of fluid total
pour into serving containers with lids
add berries for variation and allow to set
keep refridgerated
i recommend to eat quickly where fresh fruit is used

blackurrant and apple jelly with blackberries


  1. cool! I never thought to make my own jelly, its just always been a no go 'food' for our kids but this is something they would love!

  2. What a good Mum. Well done Lee
    I'd love eating those!!

  3. I love the fresh fruit,tastes so great and no nasties:))
    I would love to try the vegiemite and cheese rolls they look so tastey..:))
    Hope you had a great long weekend :))
    hugs Pat :))