Friday, July 29, 2011

Knobby Club-rush

Knotted Club-rush, Knobby Club-rush, Knobby Club-sedge
Ficinia nodosa (syn. Isolepsis nodosa)

this odd little rush plant is one of my favourite natives
i was first introduced to it by native growers extraordinaire
Habitat Plants out at Liffey

I grew it originally as a cut flower
as its floral buds are quite architectural
and go well in modern arrangements

Since that fancy I have started to
grow it more widely through the garden
it is robust, tough and drought hardy

it also provides that slender reedy quality
many gardens try to replicate using exotic grasses
wonderful contrasts are provided in both a native
and an exotic prairie style garden
without resorting to potential weeds
(like the current trend in European gardens for 
Feather Grasses such as

Growing in dry to wet areas it is a diverse plant
Knobby Clubrush is tolerant of many soils
from poor sandy to heavy clays

Preferring full sun, it will also do well in semi-shade spots
tending to be lanky if over shaded
full height is about 50cm 
but it cascades its foliage
so allow about one metre for spread

clumps can be cut down and divided
preferably in mid Winter
using a sharp spade to split an adult plant clump

a good Aussie all-rounder !

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