Monday, July 25, 2011

off the wagon . . .briefly

boys with toys

okay so i think a fortnight is a pretty long time
to buckle down and get some work done
(and have some late nights watching the La Tour)

don't get me wrong
i'm going to have to put my head down again this week
just coming up for air and some bloggie inspiration !

its been garden make-over these last two weeks
actually its more like
"hey lets get rid of the moat"
which has surrounded the house for five years
every time it rains
enter -  big boys toys in the form of  a 1.6 T excavator
I never even got to have a go !

plus now that Cadel Evans has won the Tour de France
I can get a bit more sleep too !
Vive L'Australie !

I have a training course coming up with Women in Horticulture Industry
and a trip away to Adelaide to meet 19 other WIHI participants included !

which means I have to at least start to look a little more professional
over at my shopfront and fill it up
I love the excuse to get snap happy with flowers
ohhhh for a macro !

a full shop !
and on top of that picking and clearing a spot in the paddocks
to put a new (pre-loved poly tunnel)
what was I thinking?
oh yeh - it was the perfect price !

i mean good grief - it almost seems
like I'll have a full time job at this rate
(oh - except the no salary and having kids at home in the midst of it all !)

see you soon !

1 comment:

  1. Oh, your trip and course sound wonderful!!

    I have been up every night of the tour watching it until the end of each stage. On stages 18, 19, and 20 I swear anyone listening would have thought I was going nuts! By the time it got half way through the time trial at Grenoble and I was pretty sure he was going to win I was laying stretched out flat on my face on the floor in relief!! Yay Cadel!! A very determined and gutsy performance after many years of hard work and near misses. Well deserved and a far bigger achievement than the average Aussie probably realises.

    Linda. :)