Tuesday, August 23, 2011

flower topping

iced Bee Balm seed heads

I am a staunch advocate of keeping spent flower heads
of perennials through Winter

In Tasmania when blossoms are few
in a flower bed the frosted seed heads
of many flowers will create architectural
feature where a bare garden would normally be

frosted Pincushion Flowers

Now though,
with Spring on its way
I must cut off the seed heads
as the new Spring growth forces leaves ahead
and I need to make way for fresh blooms

I cut the seed heads back to ground level
and give the dried stalks a good shake over the garden
just in case there are a few seeds that have remained

now for a good feed of manure and a mulch of
mushroom compost and we should be set for a Summer show

laced Love-in-a-mist

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