Monday, August 29, 2011

Nosy-parker: Habitat Nursery

fungi on the creek walk

we made a dash out to Liffey on Saturday
to get stakes for the Christmas Trees

we get our stakes
normally for re-vegetation tree guards
but these ones are for our dozy trees
to get them up from their lay down

wonder if I can place an order with TOH for one of these ?
while our stakes were loaded we 
had our usual wander around
Sally & Herbert's Nursery

Loads of beautiful Tasmanian natives
grown in the crisp mountain air
at the base of Dry's Bluff on the Western Tiers

creek walk

 a wonderful display garden to dawdle through
something often missing at a garden centre
as only good independent nursery s
seem to invest in this type of effort

there is even a temperate rainforest walk
to the cascades next to the nursery

regulars !
and of course
I've come home with more
than stakes !

creeping duskymiller

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  1. Great pics Lee.. The seat looks so inviting in a tranquil setting.. Gotta love the bush :))