Friday, April 27, 2012

Plants at Ilk Cafe this week

Gaillardia "Goblin"

Each week I send  a fresh batch of seasonal potted plants
down to my sisters cafe ILK in Rosevears.

This makes our garden ready plants available
during those times when we haven't a market event on.

Plants available at ILK : Thursdays to Mondays 9am - 5pm

This week the sample of plants includes:

Avens Mrs. Bradshaw
Cuckoo Flower
Sisrynchium "Quaint and Queer"
Italian Parsley
Mock Vervain (in flower)
Asparagus "Procuce d'Argentuil"
Red Eye Dianthus
Gaillardia "Goblin"
White Coneflower ("Alba")

White Coneflower "Alba"

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