Friday, May 17, 2013

Curse of the White Goods

My house is cursed.

White goods have sent us back to the middle ages of handwashing, bucket flushing
 and no phone line.

Is this a sign of my lack of desire to adapt to modern technology ?

So this month we have lost: 
  • dishwasher - completely knackered
  •  landline - it rings but you can't answer it
  • washing machine -  a suspected new pump
  • exhaust fan - almost set fire to itself - decommissioned
  • toilet - flusher broken
  • oven - third element in eight years

Of course this all happens as we close the business for Winter 
and a secondary income says ta-da.

Anyone have a second hand wrangle they need shifting ?


  1. Oh No!! Try Gumtree or there is a second hand washing machine place in Margaret St - they also fix them - did a great job on ours Lee.