Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diversification is a painful game

So just to add another string to our bow
we have diversified (yes again !)

Diversified really means biting off more than you can chew and
at our place , running the risk of being Jill of all trades and Queen of None
but I think we may have this one nailed

This week we have taken a new horticulture crop into the fold (or the nursery)
clonal wine grapes !

A dose of carpel tunnel from taking 1000's of cuttings
and a trailer load of cuttings to sort out
I think we can safely say that we have entered the market of vine production
This gig certainly makes pricking seedlings out a genteel operation

And the best thing about it all is I get to play at experimental horticulture
Our client has the confidence in us to stretch the boundaries of the ever so traditional
method of vine production with a few ideas of our own

So watch this spot to see if we pulled it off !

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