Tuesday, July 2, 2013

From little things . . . .

from little things . . . . big things grow
 that is a note to self about doing better poly tunnel maintenance

all those days I've been in the poly tunnel of late
and noticed a small tear or fatigue spot on the poly
I really should have just fixed it then and there !

An emergency trip to the hardware for some duck tape
only a temporary fix until the proper polythene based tape arrives
what a challenge in the gale force winds we are having today to keep two strips of plastic close together to tape

it ain't pretty but it will have to do

Strangely enough the severe gale warnings aren't for our region
yet gusts are up around the 50km/hr mark today
just goes without saying for Tassie weather
 "Look out the door" not at the BOM for what the weather is doing! 
Sure miss that mainland mass for more predictable weather patterns

now to move all of the seedlings into the new tunnel, luckily its finished,
 but it looks like the old tunnel won't make the season like we had hoped
and another job to recover it goes onto the "TO DO LIST"
and the added consequence of loosing 20sq m of undercover growing space

makes you appreciate all those non Nancy-pants plants that we grow
which don't need the cover why they are just so great !

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