Friday, November 8, 2013

Using Salad Burnet

(Sanguisorba minor)

Salad Burnet is a lovely perennial green with the dual purpose of looking pretty and tasting great.
Having a mild cucumber flavour, use the most tender new foliage in any salad recipe.

How to grow Salad Burnet here

Rice Paper Rolls
use salad burnet instead of pea shoots
pick when needed, and won't be slimy from cool storage

Tea Sandwiches
Sliced Bread
Cream Cheese or Quark
Thinly sliced cucumber
salad burnet leaves
salt/pepper to taste (or diced dill, or dried sumac)

Spread a thin layer of cream cheese or quark onto bread slices
layer thinly sliced cucumber
top with salad burnet 
(which will help reduce contact of cucumber on bread making it soggy)
salt and pepper last
(salt draws moisture from cucumber so best to add it last!)

use leaflets to add colour to your Pimms & Dry
(along with orange, lemon and cucmbers)

Pimms Original

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