Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Trees: Only 365 Days to go . . . . .

Well here we are theoretically 12 months out from our first Christmas Tree sale. It's funny to think that the bunch of pine trees in the back paddock will shape-up to form thick Christmas Trees ready for decorating with baubles and bling.

For the last two years the Monterey Pines have struggled through the drought, wallabies, rabbits and wind. They have been slow to form the traditional shape for market, having needed form pruning and bud nipping to encourage the thicker more luxurous foliage. It's only now that they have started to appear as they should, nothing like a regular straggly pine wildling filched from State Forest !

So here is our first blogged photo for you to peruse. Obviously you can't get too excited yet as the second last prune has only just been put in place (another due in Winter), the long grass obscures the "handle" and the wind was blowing a gale the day I took the photo (impatience).

And now it is just "watch this space" as we prepare in earnest for our first big Christmas next year. Already I wonder with only 365 days to go if we will be ready in time . . . . . .

Cheerio until next blog - Killiecrankie Farm

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