Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just by Chance

They say you have to be in it to win, and how true can that be ?

I think we can safely say that as a business we throw our hat into the ring to try and win just about anything. Since the RIRDC Rural Womens Award I have been pretty confident about having a go at typing applications to gain assistance or funding for the farm and business - for better or worse. At the end of the day you can come out with nothing or something pretty damn good. From the Northern Development Councils Business Plan Programme to the Tamar NRM's Environmental Management Systems we have come out ahead of the game in most cases, just by being in it to win it.

A financial philosophy is that you have a better chance of saving a million dollars by putting your $7.20 a week into a term investment account then actually winning the Lotto. But Murphys Law can't always be against you, and I must say that the fickle hand of fate has turned us another trump card this week in the form of winning "a logo designed for you" competition. It was all surprisingly easy, says she, who had only to subscribe to a virtual newsletter for a chance to win. I mean, can anything be less easy ?

And well I did win !

Talk about well timed. Now we can look forward to a new logo for Killiecrankie Farms launch into its first season of picking in December. I mean here were we just wondering how and what our image would be - boring old green triangle Christmas Tree's, corny baubles and tinsel - who knows what we would have come up with !

Into the hands of a professional designer - so watch this space to see what our new image will be.

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