Sunday, June 27, 2010


Well, you know when you look a gift horse in the mouth you will generally find teeth. And being at the business end there is a likelihood of being bitten. Well that's me know - bitten - big time.

We had a major loss of plants in  our reserve  in previous years due to the drought , wallabies. and hares So we were back to scratch again with revegetating our streamline - nicely fenced but not a tree to be seen.  Stage left Tamar NRM

It all sounded great when I said "Yes, lets put in for a revegetation grant again this year". I mean it wouldn't be a challenge. I normally apply for these types of things when heavily pregnant. Easi-peasi.

So I go to pick up our order of plants from the wondrous Sally and Herbert at Habitat Plants. And when I arrive Sally asks me where the trailer is. I confidently say "I didn't need it last year..." and she  just gives me a queer look.

So a Ute, a call to my Dad, and two trailer loads later I have 1400 plants a pallet load of tree mats and guards, not to mention 4,200 stakes to hammer into the ground before Spring.

You can see that I have indeed been bitten.

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  1. Lol, and I thought I was a glutton for punishment. You are indeed a very brave lady:)