Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Found Things: On a wing . . . .

killiecrankie farm, killiecrankie farm, killiecrankie farm


  1. Thankyou, that's so sweet of you, and way to generous,lol. xo

  2. no problems :) I wish I could master machine embroidery like this !

  3. Oh hello! I have just stumbled upon your gorgeous blog and wanted to say hi. My folks live in Tas and talk about Herbert and Sally often. We live on the mainland on an organic farm, we have lots of trees, have three kidlets and I crochet. We have so much in common see. I'm off now to have a good look around your space. Happy Wednesday. X

  4. Hey Kate - SNAP !
    Sally and Herbert have put up with my vague plant orders for years now - they are just great and their nursery is just magnificent!
    Hope you are catching "Outnumbered" on Auntie on Tuesday nites.
    Enjoy a wander - imagine any farm shots with 5cm of water on it at the moment :)