Monday, July 12, 2010


You've seen the state of my garden - so here is the object of my desire (well at least one of them . . . . )

Wychwood Gardens is a garden up the north west  (Molecreek Area), beautifully maintained, a mini garden centre, a gorgeous store full of want them have them items for the gardener and home decorator.

So tomorrow is my child free day - you can guess what I'll be up to (after I plant those 1400 tube stock).


  1. How funny is that! My foks live just up the road from Karen and Peter, also in Mole Creek. I would say to say hi from us but how on earth would you explain our connection? Have a great day.

  2. Oh that is pretty, love the seated area but I'd probably need a massive fence and padlock so that balls, boys and doggies wouldn't be able to rip through it, lol:)

  3. I think that there has to be less then three steps rather then six removed to knowing anyone in Tassie - even for us ex-mainlanders:)

    Molly has a habit of digging wombat holes to find worms and grubs. So you could imagine the dog asleep ontop of the bench after digging every piece of gravel out from beneath it.

  4. ohh, how nice to take a seat there sipping tea, reading a book...ahhhh
    hope you are enjoying your child free day

  5. Oooo I know and love Wychwood! Yep only been in Tassie for 3 years and look at the small world going on right here. I think for ex-mainlanders the steps of connectivity are less because we have to work hard to find and connect with like-minded spirits & most of them/us know one or the other!
    We have, how-ever, sold and are headng back over to who knows what and where!