Thursday, July 1, 2010

Hip to Crochet

So crochet is looked upon as . . . . well . . . . Nana-ish.

The odd looks are many when I whip out the ball of wool and the crochet hook at gymnastics class, waiting at the school bus stop or at the dentists.

But it looks like I'm not the only odd one !

Not that I was feeling a bit sensitive - I have met more crocheters in the last month than I can name. And it looks like Etsy and MadeIt not to mention magazines like Frankie are all on the revival trail of a very old craft !

But just in case you need convincing check out Amanda's blog at  Calico & Co's - please note My Very Own Little Wombat - thank you !

killiecrankie farm, killiecrankie farm, killiecrankie farm


  1. oh what a cutie in a sweet sweet hat, I have tried sooooo many times to crochet to no avail but I am determined to do it!...I think

  2. Yay! Your little wombat looks gorgeous and most importantly at the moment, warm. X

  3. Hi Linda - Monique runs a great crochet class at adult ed - I'm hoping to run one up the river this Summer (hoping . . . ) if they let me.

  4. Hiya Kate - you should see the snow on the mountains today - -6oC this morning and a beautiful white frost - and ice on all the puddles left from the 10cm of rain we had over the last couple of days - my brussels have started to rot :P

  5. Hi! Just came across your blog. I'm a resident of Nth West Tas near Sheffield & Paradise. I reckon we have your dog's brother living with us, they really do look alike! Ours is Bob. It's so lovely to find another blogger nearby! There's a pic of him in one of my January posts on my blog. Great ot connect...I envy your crocheting skills!

  6. Plagiarise away! Our Smithfield is not bonkers he's lovely and loyal and well okay maybe a *little* bit crazy...we saved him - got him from the dog's home.

  7. Our Molly-Dog is loyal, the kids shadow, naughty and slightly more like a cat then a dog should be. She too was a second hand dog. Maybe it's her funny coloured eyes, or the psychic messages she thinks she's to sending in the evenings to make us let her infront of the fire . . . .hmmm nutty mut? definately.