Sunday, August 15, 2010

fruits of mine labour

No second guesses what I spent my hard earned sales on. 

After my 15 seconds of fame with a feature on MadeIt I ran straight off to some Smith fellows shop and bought a shiny red camera. I know the marketing guru's will say that there is no profit until you cover your materials cost. I tend to think of it as reinvesting in the company.

But alas I will be returning to Mr. Smiths shop to return said shiny red camera - it seems some other chap named Mr Murphy deemed it necessary to put some type of smut inside the lens casing - a big splodgy blur in the right of the shot has occurred on every image. 

Glad I kept the receipt !

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  1. Sheesh...3rd time lucky! I hope for you!
    And reds such a great colour!! I imagine it takes photo's really, really quickly:)

  2. Yes, reinvesting in the company, a good way of justifying all the things we must have and nice to have some retail therapy at the same time. It looks like a lovely camera.

  3. Camera's are always important, definitely a good thing to re-invest in! I just bought a new one for my work and it's lovely and red too! :) x

  4. I tried to reply to your email & it bounced back.
    the cosy came back..yay!!!
    the only apples I had were big aswell, so it was a tight fit. I do try to get the kids small apples so at least they get all eaten.

    glad the banana bread was a hit, thanks for sharing it.

    I posted the apple cosy pic here

    have a good's freeezing here!