Friday, August 20, 2010


More often then not I give away what I make as birthday, Christmas or baby presents. To look at our house you would be hard pressed to see that someone who "makes" lives there. Quilts and kids clothes are all sewn by my mum. Any paintings are by other people. Even the garden is pretty bare.

So when I decided to sell craft and plants at the markets and at MadeIt, I made sure that what ever is made for sale would also be at home. The garden filling up, the kids have apple cosies in their lunch bags and more beanies and mittens then any kid needs.

Recently the kids wardrobes have been furnished with fancy clothes hangers. I used Dottie Angels happy hanger design and tweaked it rather firmly to come up with this pattern. Smoother around the edges and a little larger to make them fit hangers easier. I'm pretty happy with the colours and fit now  - but a few trial versions are pushed quietly to the back of the cupboards when ever they surface.


  1. Pretty! The hangers look great, would be so useful for all those clothes that try and slip off!
    Hope everyone's feeling better! :) x

  2. thanks Jenny ! I'm thinking they will also be handy for some event in 19 weeks . . . .
    kids still horrible but improving :)

  3. Love them!! I hope your little sprouts are feeling better now. I think we just need a little more warmth and sunshine:)

  4. You are so productive and I feel shamed! I love my Killiecrankie hit.

  5. they are so gorgeous and the trial and error ones are beautiful too. I still have a few crocheted hangers my nan made and they are so special to me. I wasn't that thrilled as a teenager to get them but I am so happy I kept them all this time

  6. Love those hangers, not your comment about something only 19 weeks away though! A good time of you for your business though!