Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday Drive

photo by Agnieszka Sikorska
The trouble with nursing sick kids is that they often pass their cooties on. 

Lucky me.

But before I was struck down with the dreaded lurgy I did get to go to Artentwine.

Well some of it. 

Escaping the kids in the sick room I managed to get to the historic Holm Oak Vineyard to see Susie McMahon's mixed media sculptures. Susie has added so much detail and her eye for proportion is superb. I had only seen Susie's work online in the past and seeing them in front of you, I was very much taken by the moods of the work, not conveyed fully by images.

photo by Agnieszka Sikorska
Onto Goaty Hill Vineyard for a big picnic with Bettina Hockeys lovely followers to see her sculptural installations. Kids running every where it was joyful, but a bit sad that my tribe were too knocked up to be amoungst them. Bettinas piece de resistance is her suspended weaving - it is superb in the afternoon sun with the light punching through the various types of materials. So much effort has been put into their creation and the appropriateness of the materials and sculpture type to the location was very harmonious. 

I'm thinking some of this type of work wouldn't go astray in our woods next to the walking track. Add it to the wish list !

So if you have an afternoon free this weekend to sample wines, pack a picnic, and enjoy some art take a lovely drive up the scenic West Tamar Valley in full Spring flush

P.S. and if you go on a Sunday Drive keep heading up the valley to Clarence Point Markets where both Bettina and I will have our art and craft stall along with a pile of other local artisans - it should be a little less crowded then Niche :)

Thanks to Agnieszka for letting me post her wonderful photos.

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  1. Beautiful work!! It would be so lovely to come across those wonderful hanging baskets on your walkabouts. I hope you feel better soon. My youngest Jack, is down with something too. He's not coughing like he was last night but still worn out and sleeping it off at the moment, poor darling. Be kinda nice to sit with him though, it's so rare that he's not bouncing around everywhere:)

  2. Poor Jack - that sounds like how my three started. It's always a tell-tale sign when they aren't going at 100 miles an hour. TLC, stewed apples and Jam Fancies seemed to help ours along. I think Jam Fancies were the key :)

    I suspect I would have to come up with some pretty good bartering to get a suspended basket in the woods ! I think a workshop for people to make their own would be a great idea - hint hint . . .

  3. Oh, I hope your all better soon, the pictures are great, a workshop on how to make them sounds like a good idea.I hope your going to publish photos of your art and craft stall for those of us who won't be able to make it to the event!

  4. I hope you feel better - thanks for sharing the photos they are amazing!