Saturday, September 4, 2010

wet wet wet

the driveway up to the house (it's under there somewhere) - go the 4WD ! (with snorkel?)

over 35mm of rain here today so far

after prolonged rains and cold weather you notice that the pastures have as little food in the wet as they do in the dry

the ducks are happy

the dams are full

the tanks are overflowing

long showers are scheduled !

Postscript: rain gauage has just returned 48mm (8pm) 
PostPostscript: rain gauage has just returned 66mm (8am Sunday) 


  1. Sure is WET!

    Blue skies here by nightfall, so the end is in sight.

    Extra strong winds here today with some rain...


  2. Wow! That's a lot of rain! Hope it stops soon and dries up for you. :) x

  3. Its all crazy out there isn't it!
    The bottom of our property is under water. 50mm and counting. Let's hope its a great fruit year after all this.

  4. Woah that is definatley going to keep you in for a little while lol loving the rainy day here as well, though I may have differnet feelings come monday if its still coming down.

  5. Wow! On a warm day that could be a lot of fun:)

  6. Hope its finally stopped. Good old Oz its either drought or flood ☺