Sunday, September 26, 2010

fleurs de la semaine

so this weeks flowers went a little left field

there were no flowers

seem like a cop out in the garden ?

no they are sensory arrangements
designed to touch, feel and smell with aromatic foliage and textural qualities

each leaf in the retro coffee cup has a singular aromatic quality
native mint, fennel, native peppermint, curry plant, rosemary, balm Gilead

touch, crush, experience "flowers" from a tactile perspective

told you it was left field !

and now . . . . back to your regular programme

some micro posies
they will feature in a cup cake stand !
each little posy sits within a small milk jug (or creamer)

scented wallflowers, 
deep pink crab apple blossoms, 
burgundy leaved heuchera,
and dark purple flax

Get the full flower story over at moi jardiniere


  1. I love the micro posies ! Beautiful. Hope you had a great weekend.

  2. I love the idea of sensory arrangements.... that is really wonderful. I'm very textural and love to touch things. I sometimes (when my very small garden allows) gather up a bunch of different 'greens' that have different leaf shapes, different patinas (like really glossy ones or more matt ones), and different textures. I really like putting these together and feeling them as I do it!

    And, I LOVE aromatic leaves.... I really like rubbing them around in my hand and getting the scent to release even more.

    Linda. x

  3. gorgeous posies but absolutely love the idea of sensory arrangements.
    my little ones love to touch and crush leaves to get the beautiful smells.
    happy week Lee