Wednesday, September 22, 2010

playing hookie

I have been busy out walking off that baklava (and chocolate) and running around for presents for Miss da Vinci's birthday.

Only two days to go and I thought I had better get a shimmy on finishing the few handmade things for her parcel of goodies. 

It's a bit of a pain not being able to use a sewing machine here, so only crochet items have been made. I had found some vintage pillow cases today and am really keen to make pillowslip dresses before the girls are too big to fit just a pillowslip. I'll have to wait to go Mums and get them run up.

The gusset on her big purse didn't sit very well, a bit bulky once you stitched it up. Next time round I will have to figure out how to make a tapered gusset. I am going to make a nice strappy handle for it with a rolled centre tonite and attach it to the side loops.

The second crochet gift is a lavender filled heart. It was a simple design, I found on Ravelry leading to Bella Dia's pattern.  I've started to trim it in a scallop edge to give it a lacy look. The lavender we picked from the garden last year. If not suspended above her bed, it will find a home amoungst her woolly jumpers to keep the moths away.

 Have a lovely Thursday everyone - its looks like great weather for us Taswegians again. Roll on Spring.


  1. Love the crochet, especially the heart.... Your so clever, I'm sure they will be really appreciated :)

  2. The little purse looks really cute!