Tuesday, November 23, 2010

christmas flowers

now theoretically i could say that i am actually working with this one
these flowers, stars, snowflakes if you like, are for home
following my cherry red and turquoise theme for the tree this year

but my aside is that i made a double batch and sent them into the tree at The Atrium
and hopefully, another half dozen will miraculously appear in time for Clarence Point Markets this Sunday
(and i do mean miraculous as we start harvest our christmas trees on Thursday night)

It is a really easy pattern i've used before, 
just follow Marta's instructions here
but the twist for the peaks is on round 4
instead of 7dc, you place 
3dc, 1 tr, 3dc
add a chain of 30 for the hanger to finish

block your peaks out nicely with a little starch
happy hooking !


  1. Hey Lee, those crocheted stars, I will call them, are just gorgeous.
    So bright and cheery, I might have to grab some yarn and a hook if I can detach myself from the sewing machine.....
    They will look lovely on your tree a bit like the cherries ripening on my tree at the moment. I think we are in for a bumper crop this year with all the rain. Well, 'bumper'.... anything more than the 3 cherries we got last year will be a bumper crop!!
    Enjoy your week, hope all goes well with tree harvest and sales.

    Claire X

  2. So sweet & perfectly fabulous for Christmas. Perfect simplicity for the holiday!

  3. Love home made :)) Your tree is going to be gorgous. :))

  4. Lovely little Christmas flowers, might have a go at crocheting some of these, they look good.

    I LoVe your work...

  5. Love the crochet flowers! I've made a few crochet flowers recently as toppers for CHristmas presents, will have to try making these too so I can use them instead of bows! :) x

  6. Hello Dear Lee
    I'm back from paradise and thought I'd stop by and say hello!!! Love your clever photoshop fixes in last post.. and ... your post about your great grandfather Christmas.. how cool!!!

    By the way.. is that Great Aunt.. eating a biscuit.. or smoking a joint??? haha ... Have a fab week.. ciao ciao xxx Julie