Thursday, November 25, 2010


tropical top
so should i be doing tax ?
should i be packaging for the markets on sunday ?

i'm surfing for FREE patterns
note to self: stop making lists of things to do instead of tax !!!!!!
little sister tunic

owl vest
karen borrel



  1. They are such gorgeous patterns though.
    Do you knit too?
    And guess what? I'm searching for more yarn and more knitting patterns instead of knitting. Weirdo that I am.

  2. Great patterns! Much more interesting then doing tax! Hope the Christmas tree cutting is going well! :) x

  3. You sound like me, trying to get out of doing tax! It is too frustrating and brain straining.

    I'd much rather be doing what you are and look at patterns, the ones you have pictured look nice.

  4. I don't think your alone! I have to lock myself away in a room with no distractions!!! The thing is, they always manage to get done because they have to, just wish the process wasn't so painful!
    Have a good market on Sunday :)

  5. gorgeous patterns, keep looking , you have great taste.

  6. Love the top two, and the hat!! I have too many knitted hats - lol. Tax..... hmmmm. What's that? My accountant sorts that one out for me every year thank goodness. I just drag all my stuff in and dump it on him!

    Happy weekend Lee. Hope the market goes well. :)

    Linda. xox