Wednesday, January 5, 2011

finding my feet

it has been some years since i raced a mountain bike
eight to be precise
a long breeding program overtook the training program
it wasn't unusual to spend something in the vicinity of 20+ hours a week training or racing
this was B.C. days of course

last year i agreed to dust off the bike to join a team
another cycling buddy and i would do a 24hr event known as kellevie
luckily my partner got up the duff with her first child - i was off the hook !

my hubbie, 
ever ingenious to my return to the saddle,
promptly lined up three new team members
 (all of them had had their kids too)
bum !

luckily breeding must be in the water the event organisers had also succumbed to parenthood - the race was off
yay !

little did i know that a 12hour event out at Blessington was on the cards 
(run by a single guy)
my warm up race it was to be
well it's still going ahead

so my new years wish of getting fit, loosing weight and finding some personal space shall all be met with an arduous training programme

spend days with kids, 
play dates, craft, swimming, riding
tidy vege and garden patches
weeding, pruning, mowing, 
vacuum, washing,folding, cooking
get dinner ready, 
set out p.j's for kids
get hubbie home - say hello, say goodbye
go out on bike
come home say good night to sprogs
eat dinner, shower, do the accounts, say goodnight to other half, fall asleep

yup - endurance training at its best !
(wonder what olympic competitors get up to ?)


  1. Oh Lee you make me laugh, breeding programs, parenthood.......
    You managed to dodge it, but hubbies got you sorted.......
    I feel exhausted just reading about what your day will hold with your training program.
    Good luck with it all, I'd take my hat off to you if I had one on.
    Fingers crossed single guys meets single woman......

  2. Happy New Year's, Lee! Oh my... you do have a gruelling training program planned. Good luck with finding your feet and those New Years 'wishes'!! (Lucky your hubby is on the ball!) Thanks for popping over and saying hi yesterday! :)

  3. Great to have a goal to train for - that's the best motivation you could have. Thank heavens for daylight savings!

  4. Happy New Year, Lee!
    I would like to nominate you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Please drop by my blog to take it, you are very welcome!

  5. That made me laugh, I love your writing style! Good luck with your endurance training, just think of the benefits! :-) x

  6. Oh my goodness, all the best for tranining.. You will feel amazing :))

  7. Far out, I cant even bring myself to think about doing all of that!! Good luck!

  8. Oh. my. goodness. You are NOT kidding -- endurance training indeed. A great way to begin the new year. Altho, I am getting out of breath just reading about it......