Monday, January 3, 2011


summer holidays are settling in
lazy days with everyone home for holidays
no school runs
no rushing to sport lessons

fences are just fascinating !
we spent boxing day at my sisters house
eating left overs from christmas
meeting the neighbours sheep through a hole in the fence
and a trip to the local beach

the water was warm enough for swimming
and the girls took on the men folk with beach cricket
we even found a christmas beetle


  1. Love those lazy, hazy days of Summer and the colours of Christmas beetles.
    Sounds like you are getting into the rhythm of the holidays Lee.......

  2. Happy New Year Lee
    Well I just realized I probably haven't seen a real christmas beetle in years... Now looking at this one!! I think all this time I've been thinking the more mundane brown things were christmas beetles.. Gee.. have to dig back in my memory bank now!

    Glad you are having a lovely lazy time!!! ciao xxx Julie

    PS. I also just realised I wasn't a follower!! my bad!! fixed!

  3. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Lee!

    Looks like lots of Summer fun happening at your house. Not much going on here,just lazy days too...I could get used to this life!

  4. wishing you guys more lazy days and a happy new year

  5. sounds like heaps of fun!! I love summer cricket! Actually I love all the summer traditions, yours are pretty much the same as ours :) Glad you had a good xmas, and I'm looking forward to sharing the new year with you!

  6. Hey Lee, thanks for visiting. It is still quite green here, but with no rain for two weeks and warmer temperatures things are starting to brown off a bit.
    Are you talking Bright as in N.E. Victoria Bright?........
    I'm just a hop, skip and a jump from Bright, bout an hour actually.....
    So if you are in my corner of the woods we should try and catch up.

    Claire X

  7. That photo "peaking through the fence" is gold....I never think to capture those moments. Can't wait to see you next Saturday at Perth.

  8. Oooh eeerr please can we have some of your summer sunshine up here in the north...looks divine xox

  9. Happy New Year! Enjoy the holidays and warmth! :) x