Wednesday, January 19, 2011

the good life: cherries and pesto

fresh basil
the seasonal produce into my freezer continues
next on the agenda is pesto
hands full of basil from mums vegie patch, garlic and parsley from mine
a tub of pine nuts and a big splosh of oil
i don't add parmesan unless its going to be a fresh pesto
i freeze my green goop in small snap seal containers
taking them out of the chill when needed
less risk of spoilage and fuzzy molds
and more room in my fridge !

pesto ready to go back to mum and dads

fruit this time is Everslie Cherries from Grindalwald down the road from us
at $8/kg for seconds the are the right price to buy lots of
cherries are great to freeze, just don't pull out the stems when you box them
black lapin cherries from everslie
more planting in the vegie patch
seeds for winter beetroot, carrots, lettuce and some late quick radish
the flooding of last week has spread my previous seeds helter skelter
now as they germinate on the clear ground it will take a few weeks to decide whats what
like having salad on a grand scale
more rain predicted for tonight - joy.


  1. How wonderful to be able to pick all that lovely fruit.
    Thanks for the tip about making and freezing pesto.

  2. Oh Brilliant idea about freezing the pesto, I have heaps of basil in my garden at the moment, and usually just make a small amout of pesto when I need it....plan on making some to freeze this week now ~ Thank you :)

    those cherries look Delicious!

  3. Fantastic...pesto and love cherries. Yum!

  4. Hey Lee, thanks for the pesto tip, that photo looks so yummy. Shall have to give it a whirl........
    Any chance of bagging some green Zinnia seeds from you if they manage to bloom. They sound fabulous.
    Thanks for swinging by , glad you like the 'bunting' and how can you tell I'm left handed from my blog ?

    Blue skies and sunshine here today,no rain but warm weather on the way next week. Hope the rain isn't too heavy over your way.

    Might be an idea to keep off the road over the next 4 days, my boys are on their way over. Watch out for a white van with P plates and a long haired driver and short, older, dad type passenger............

    Claire :)

  5. Those cherries look so sweet.. yummm, a great idea for the pesto..
    The garden is going nuts since the last rain.. Beans tomorrow :))

  6. So when you freeze the cherries you leave the stalk in? Is that to prevent the fruit drying out? Are you coming to the market on Saturday?

  7. excellent idea to freeze the pesto....shall be borrowing that one ! I made chutney with my dad's tomatoes today - very yummy !!!

  8. I wondered if you could freeze cherries, we have been buying bags full as well and I would love to buy enough to have some throughout the year! Pesto looks YUM!