Wednesday, January 12, 2011


i have been a bit partial to jar covers since making my first one last year
based on lucys instructions, i then elaborated and added a base
and a lacy one

so in an effort to get my crochet mojo back i embarked on a new project
it will also suite my joining in the felt fairies monthly make challenge this year

i quite like them !

an upcycled marmalade jar and an olive jar
some raw spun wools left from a knitting project
and an ever trusty red button


  1. Hey Lee, you are stylin it up......
    Love the crochet covers, particularly the littly, assume it's the marmalade jar, too cute.

  2. There lovely, how I wish I could crochet....

  3. They look very stylish,thank you for the stylish award you are too kind.Have a lovely day

  4. Lovely! I will have to get round to doing more crochet! :) x

  5. These do look great, Lee. A vast improvement on plain glass

  6. How clever you are and how cute they look.. I wonder if you made them extra lacy and used them as candle holders.. might cast a pretty glow!!

    Have a great week Lee.. ciao xxx Julie

  7. Lovely Work! They look Wonderful.
    I Really love the colours and the addition of that gorgeous big red button :)