Sunday, February 20, 2011

coffee cup coasters

i wrote up my coffee cup cosies pattern a few weeks ago
pat made a great variation, attached cup coasters
she has now even made a set for her grand kids
and taking up her inspiration
i have made myself a set
(i'd made my original full sized set as a birthday present)

a strange variegated green wool
it was 50% acrylic/50% wool
it was an appealing colour as a yarn
horrible texture to work with
but a great finish
thanks pat !


  1. Hey Lee, I'm thinking Winter, hot chocolate, marshmallows wood heater, crochet..........Great little cosies

    Ok time to stop I'm getting just a bit carried away!!!

    Hope you weren't washed away over the weekend either,

  2. They are a great idea and already attached to the cup.

  3. thankyou for the link to my blog Lee, they are fun to make and quick too.. A talking point with visitors, with lots of colour to add on a rainy day ..
    Hope your having a crafty day :))

  4. Loveing this idea Lee, I am not a big tea/coffee drinker but I am always finding rings on the table/bench/computer table thanks to my caffiene addicted man, he may get one of these for his birthday I think.