Thursday, February 24, 2011

the good life: clean

a sure sign of a healthy environment is frogs
our farm hosts at least four frogs that i can identify
our windows at night are scattered with brown tree frogs (above)
taking advantage of the house lights attracting bugs
the bats and owls do too if the strange window thuds are anything to go by
its one of the reasons we don't use sprays for spiders on our windows

in the dam and woodlands, even my front garden
are green and gold frogs (below)
"vulnerable" listed in Tasmania
maybe because our chooks like to snack on them

we have the strange banjo frog also known as a "pobblebonk"
with its "bonk bonk" noise from under the large clumps of grass
and a common froglet often seen in the puddles down the driveway

the best way to identify frogs is by their call
Parks and Wildlife have recordings of all the frog noises
so you can listen at night and play guess that frog !

lets hope the frog fungus doesn't take off in Tasmania
because with all the other things we do to frog habitats
there is only so much a species can take !


  1. Those frogs are wonderful, I do hope they stay safe and free from disease.

  2. Hey Lee, we have quite a few frogs here too, little brown ones, they find their way into the house sometimes, very cute.

    Nice to go outside at night and hear the chorus, must see if I can recognise any by their call.

    Early morning start here, ugggh......
    Enjoy your day,

    Claire :}

  3. Your frogs are lovely! We only have one species of frog here (well there is a rarer species down near Dumfries too), I love them though! Hope your's stay free of diseases! :) x

  4. How wonderful to have frogs in your back yard :))
    Lets hope they stay disease free :))
    Have a great day :))

  5. I love frogs. I remember them as a kid we seemed to always have green tree frogs wherever we lived. I dont htink I have ever seen the brown tree frog though, it is lovely! I have only seen one since being in Tassie, very exciting lol