Friday, February 25, 2011

best in show ?

eew a bit hard with the photoshopping !

i've come over all country woman again
today i spent getting flowers ready for the 100th Exeter Rural Show

however i'm in a bit of a funk with my flowers at the moment
and only managed five out of nine arrangements that i was supposed to prepare
it just wasn't happening with the blooms

but i did manage to enter the above "arrangement"
its supposed to be a dinner table arrangement
a bit left field me thinks
at least the king browns will get a few smirks from the men folk

i'll let you know how i go tomorrow after judging !

the apprentices had fun though


  1. Oh Lee, all the best, fingers crossed for you.

    Love the colours in the arrangement, I think it deserves an award for creativity for a start.

    Friday night, yippee........

    Claire :}

  2. Hey Lee,
    Good luck with the show, I just love the dinner table arrangement. I can't wait to hear how you go with it :)

  3. Congratualtions on the beautiful long stemmed zinnias for a start!

  4. I love it! How did you go? Love Amanda xx

  5. Hi Lee
    How was the show?
    Hope you had a great time. I've heard good reports.

  6. haha I love it!! It would definately get my vote and Hubbys I reckon too (so long as there were a couple of filled beers as well)