Sunday, February 27, 2011

worst in show

stoked - a second place !
so witness here a good dose of sour grapes

i know i should be grown up enough to take it on the chin
but i have some serious doubts when three people enter a category
and only first and second are placed

only three entries in the basket arrangement  (mine is the yellow at back)
 now my husband did mention that the rules did say that a third didn't have to be awarded
but i think in the spirit of community it should have
and not just because i would have been third !

yes yes i know good people give up their spare time to judge
yes yes i know that not everyone can win
all these people put entries in, the least that can happen is three places awarded

dinner table arrangement - only two awards for five entries !

on the upside my watercolours teacher will get a giggle that i placed first and second
in the the watercolours category (there were only two entries)
and the kids did exceptionally well placing first and second in the kids drawings
first in the decorated boiled eggs
and first in the jewellery making
(the giant zucchini didn't fair so well even though it weighed in at nearly five kilos)

maybe next year i'll just volunteer to be a steward


  1. I think your arrangements are beautiful, I can see your point with the placing :)

  2. Congratulations on all the good points, but as for not placing you, some people are so mean aren't they, If they want the show to be successful and for people to join in next year they should show willing.... Oh, and it looked fantastic to me :)
    Sue x

  3. Don't worry about them Lee, your flower arrangement looks beautiful, and I think some people take judging these types of events a bit too seriously and lose the whole point of the thing (which i think is to encourage everyone to get involved).Love the teacup posie!
    PS I'm having a little give away on my blog if you are interested in entering, as a little thank you to the bloggy community! Cheers julie :)

  4. I absolutely agree re a third place! Your arrangement is beautiful!

  5. Your arrangements are beautiful. Good on you for showing them.
    Stay as individual as you are!!

  6. Absolutely agree! I love your arrangements by the way, especially the first one.