Wednesday, March 2, 2011

autumn beret

another finished handmade
this one for "the middle child"
it joins in with the march monthly make
this is the columbia beret
a super easy pattern
i adjusted the size simply by dropping the hook size to 4.00mm
it fits my girls, so between 5 - 8 yrs

i used an 8ply moda vera pure wool in vermillion
 some of it was left in my stash, but i needed an extra skein to finish
its on special this week for $2/50gm ball
from that place we don't mention
it took just two balls of wool

now to make the next one !


  1. Fab beret Lee, nice price on the wool too.
    Might be doing a bit of s--tlighting myself tomorrow.
    Need to keep the wool supply up so I can finish my rug........

    Lovely day here, blue skies and sunshine all the way,

    Claire :}

  2. Beautiful colour , and a lovely model :))
    Thanks for the link also..
    I did a little yarn shopping too and bought 8 balls of Panda magnum for $2.00 at ..Mart LOL..

  3. Beret looks sweet and perfect timing

  4. Hi Lee, glad to see you drop by my blog today, I was just thinking of you actually! I havent commented over here for a little while either :) I know Im still a youngin, definately feeling older this year though! I think kids age you no matter what age you have them at lol well thats my excuse and Im sticking to it! The beret is lovley, I am going to check out your store becasue my daughter would love one of the little beanies/berets you make. Bec xx

  5. Hi, I passed by another blog and caught sight of Killiecrankie - someone here in Scotland I thought but no you're on the other side of the world - I'm a little lower than scotland, in the yorkshire dales. I have a cousin working out in Tasmania but retiring soon back to New Zealand where she emigrated to 40 years ago. I am an avid hand spinner and bless her she sent me some tasmanian alpaca fleece to spin - so many connections. Love your crocheted beret - I tend to go more for the finer stuff but I could be tempted!! It was good to 'meet' you, call in on me any time!!! :)

  6. hello tassie girl..i do love your beret. tassie is the perfect place for such style. :)
    i also love the tapioca post, we called it fish eggs ! xx