Sunday, March 6, 2011

très fatigué

mist on the waters and Ben Lomond on the horizon

a magnificent week-end in the Blessington Valley
our race was based at Elverton Pastoral
with views across the rich farmlands to Ben Lomond

at 11am Saturday morning it was two degrees
frost still lay in the shadows

the sunshine quickly burnt the Autumn chill away 
and 140 mountain bikers took on the new race course

first event at this new venue
Tim Dyke was the race director and did a magnificent job
with the help of the Launceston Mountain Bike Club
everything was as it should be
with the added bonus 
of Tim's folks (who own Rocky Gardens) catering the meals
fresh lamb spit roast, venison burgers, berry bread and butter pudding
lashings of wonderful condiments and fresh fruit
made you sort of forget you were racing !

but don't worry after an eight year absence from the mountain bike racing scene
i can tell you i have very much remembered what racing is about !
i mean ow !
who's idea was this ?
i think i need to train more !

just the same
our fallback plan of having two very lean and fit male cyclists
to support our post baby female contingent
paid off
we managed to pull off third place
don't ask me how many teams in our category
i didn't even look at any lap times

through the night

being a 12 hour event the race continued into the night
small beach fires by the lake
the smell of our roast dinner cooking
a wonderful sense of camaraderie was in place
(despite the cyclists trying to thrash each other on course!)

the morning rose fine and warm
the lake again misted with a mountain backdrop
makes it all seem worth training for
maybe tomorrow I'll be able to walk again !

what a morning ! 

thanks to all the sponsors
Elverton Pastoral (as always the generous Ian & Rosemary Dickenson!)


  1. Well done to al in your team Lee, third place, fantastic.

    Looks like it was a lovely setting and a beautiful day.
    The caterers certainly put on some tasty nosh, (types she, drinking her cuppa soup, hehe) Fuel for more racing..........

    Hope there aren't too many 'owee', moments.

    Claire :}

  2. Wow, Lee... well done! Autumn is my fave month of the year, and one of my favourite (armchair) sports is cycling! I love it! I went to the state madison championships here a few weeks ago. The velodrome where it was held is about a 30 second walk from my house, so that was cool!

    I also went to the Aust road champs in Buninyong a few weeks back, it's only about 3 kms down the road from where I live, so that was fab too!

    And, the criterium was held the night before in our main street, so I was there as well. Been a couple of big cycling 'spectator' months - lol.

    I hang out every year for the Tour de France.... always lots of bleary eyes around that time for me and my partner (who used to be on the circuit many years ago).

    Thanks so much for popping by my blog and giving me some feedback about my ideas. I really appreciated it. :)

    I've been so busy with work lately I've been neglecting my online friends and I feel frustrated about it.... got to eke out more prioritised time to work online and to get some stuff in real life going too.

    Getting 'off the couch' and doing some form of exercise might actually help. It seems like I have absolutely no time what-so-ever for it, but if I prioritised and made time, I'm guessing I'd find out I'd get more of my other stuff done because I'd feel better and sleep better.

    Perhaps I should go get a bike!!

    Linda. xoxox

  3. Crazy girl! 12hrs! 3rd place! Looks like you are blazeing a "come back"

  4. Well done. Looks like hard work to me but I'm sure you ball had a ball.
    A very interesting read. Thanks.

  5. WOW Lee.. you're a star!! I wouldn't make it to the end of the street I'm sure!! and third place!! yessm.. a star!!

    Hope you had a well earned rest after that accomplishment.!~!!...

    sorry for my absence.. i've been away from home and away from pc for quite a while and just getting back in the swing of it... Have a lovely week.. ciao xxxx Julie

  6. Well done on your third place! Twelve hours is a long race! Great photos too!
    Just finished crocheting my first baby bootie tonight, will do the other foot tomorrow night, as I'm ready for bed now! Hope you're recovering from the race! :) x

  7. Hi lee,
    these pictures inspire me to exercise more! Looks like you have been busy!
    Kate :)