Saturday, July 9, 2011

nip and tuck nursery

toys for boys - beats a shovel any day !

well its quite on the home blog front
due to some major reconstructive surgery
at the raggle taggle nursery

before . . . . .

the nursery is de-stumped

going going gone might be the catch cry this weekend
the big boys toys were broken out
(I might add I haven't had a look in at having a go)
and the drain of all drain has been placed about
the Castle
no more moats when we get wet weather
but also no nursery

bye bye plants

which means the plans for the new nursery sight are all a go-go !

lets hope it doesn't rain

well we have a long way to go
leveling, drainage ditches, re-fencing and gravelling
not to mention some nice drystone walls and gabions
ahhhhh - quite weekends will be a thing of the past !

(funnily enough we sold our camper trailer the day before
- must have been a sign of things to come)

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