Monday, July 11, 2011

Venzano Toscano

Volterra -  Church of St Giusto

Years ago we cycle toured the hills of Tuscany
and while staying in the ancient hill village of Volterra
friends we made there insisted we go and visit the resident Aussies
that had bought an old villa in the Volterra foothills
complete with an Etruscan well, friezed medieval chapel
and an orangery

Venzano Gardens

at the time we had no idea of who or what they were doing
except that i had a great time looking at their new nursery
and wandering their beautifully landscaped gardens

Venzano Orangery

last year I came across a book on sale in a local book store
turns out that little nursery has blossomed into one of Italy's most pronounced
growers of scented and drought hardy plants

Venzano - A Scented Garden

not long after that they featured 
in one of the horticulture journals i subscribe to,
it's quite heartening that such small beginnings lead to
brilliant things
mind you I am missing the glorious stone walls, 
Tuscan hillsides and 
a few ancient monuments

Que sera, sera !

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  1. I enjoyed reading this.
    How lovely to find that book and remember your trip.
    Yes, small beginnings can have great outcomes.